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Machine description

We would like to introduce the market to the newest addition in our portfolio, which complements our current winding machines. The LineStretch One makes its world debut.

Machine use:

Wrapping machines are used in the metal industry for the application of a protective material, which guards against corrosion or transport damage. Furthermore the material can also be used in the commissioning process of multiple items. Some of the machines currently available on the market for this sector are working at their absolute limit. Unsuitable product dimensions and geometry as well as customer requirements demand the availability of new technology.

The technology offered by the LineStretch One is no longer confined to predetermined winding paths as can be found in a Ring- or Shuttle system.

The LineStretch One has two linear systems positioned opposite each other. The axes of the linear-system travel in both horizontal and vertical directions. A gripper is mounted on both systems which enables the handing over of the roll material from one system to the other.

The result of which is a system capable of transporting the wrapping-material-roll along freely defined paths around or through the product, in spite of the linear axes reaching its boundary of travel.

The main area of use for the LineStretch One is in the Steel, Aluminium, Plastic and Cable industries with focus being placed on all industrial branches which manufacture coils, slit strip coils and bundles.

  • Coil processing and slit strip coils (wrapping through core of roll), also possible with small core diameters
  • Wrapping of wide, flat and small products

LineStretch One in Detail

Technical updates

The LineStretch One is a patented new development. The previous application boundaries determined by the machine solutions currently available on the market are going to be superseded by the LineStretch One. These machines can be individually designed to meet with the product dimensions and requirements.

The following product characteristics are highlighted:

  • Coil processing (wrapping through core of roll), is also possible with smaller core diameters
  • The dimension dependency between the product-diameter, product length /-width does  not lead to any restrictions
  • The optimal wrapping path of the wrapping-material-roll around the product outline, allows  for an even wrapping tension and wrapping material stress
  • The system is designed to handle the dimensions of the largest product which would require  wrapping. Smaller product dimensions can be equally processed without any restrictions or loss of quality in the packaging of the product
  • The system is universal and therefore can be used for diverse applications:  Coil-processing and individual coil sections mounted either core opening upwards or core  opening side facing, flat products, flat packs, cuboid product packages, products on pallets, etc.  



All Wrapsolut achines are suitable
for inline operation


  • Wrapping materials such as Stretch- and VCI-films, Nonwovens and Crepe paper

  • Integration into every production line in accordance with your wishes

  • Complete solutions including transport- and handling-technology for your packaging needs

  • Adjustment of the material path (wrapping) of the different product formats

  • Wrapping possibilities for upright products plus solutions for their transport

Transport Options

Machine highlights and equipment:

  • The execution of the linear system is individually adjustable to suit the project requirements
  • Depending on the process, the dimensions of the product to be wrapped are measured independently before the packaging process or supplied in digital form 
  • The PLC independently calculates the optimal path around or through the product
  • Any changes made to the outline of the product are automatically taken into account
  • The tension of the wrapping material can be altered throughout the wrapping process
  • The processing parameters are entered via operating panel or externally via interface
  • The wrapping material is automatically handled and cut
  • Damage to, or the end of the wrapping material is sensed without delay
  • A fully automatic wrapping material change is available as an option

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